C8-18 Fatty Acid Amide MEA

C8-18 Fatty Acid Amide MEA is a mixture of ethanolamides of C8-18 and C18-unsaturated fatty acids. It conforms generally to the formula: RCONHCH2CH2OH, where RCO- represents the C8-18 and C18-unsaturated fatty acids derived from a variety of feedstock.
CAS Numbers:
  • 69227-24-3
EC/List Numbers:
  • 273-927-3
Technical Names:
  • Amides, C8-18 (even numbered) and C18-Unsatd., N-(Hydroxyethyl)
  • Amides, C8-18 and C18-unsatd., N-(Hydroxyethyl)
  • Babassuamide MEA (INCI)
  • Cocamide MEA (INCI)
  • Oatamide MEA (INCI)
  • Oliveamide MEA (INCI)
  • Palm Kernelamide MEA (INCI)
  • Palmamide MEA (INCI)
  • Peanutamide MEA (INCI)
  • Sunfloweramide MEA (INCI)
  • Tallowamide MEA (INCI)
Product Categories:
  • Cleaning Products
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