The ingredients in the HCPA Consumer Product Ingredients Dictionary (“Dictionary”) do not represent an approved list of consumer specialty product ingredients. The inclusion of any ingredient means only that it is offered for sale for use in consumer products. It does not imply that the substance is safe for use as a consumer product ingredient, nor does it indicate that its use as a consumer product ingredient complies with the laws and regulations of the United States or any other country. The assignment of a HCPA Name does not imply that the ingredient is “approved,” “certified,” or “endorsed” by HCPA or any other organization or governmental body. Conversely, the absence of an ingredient from the Dictionary does not imply that the ingredient may not or should not be used in finished consumer products. HCPA Names do not imply standards or grades of purity.

NOTE: The suitability for use of any ingredient, as a component of a finished consumer product or for any other purpose, is solely the responsibility of the consumer product manufacturer, the distributor, or other users of this publication.

Manufacturers intending to produce and/or market consumer products in the United States are urged to consult applicable regulations. These regulations may be found in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations. Manufacturers are also urged to check notices in the U.S. Federal Register and to familiarize themselves with state laws and regulations that may provide additional information regarding the manufacture and sale of consumer products. Firms marketing products in countries outside the United States should consult the laws and regulations in those countries for information on their legal requirements.

The identification of a function in a monograph should not be construed as proof that the ingredient performs such function in a finished consumer product. The function of an ingredient is often affected by other ingredients in the formulation. Functions listed for ingredients are identified by the supplier or are assigned by the Nomenclature Committee in accordance with the function descriptions provided in the Glossary of Ingredient Functions section of the Dictionary.