Who we are.

The Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA) began compiling consumer product ingredient data in 2008. Today, HCPA has taken this data and created the consumer product ingredients database. The database is used by chemical suppliers, formulators, manufacturers, marketers, retailers, NGOs, state & federal regulatory agencies and trade associations as a means for ingredient communication.

What it Does.

The Consumer Product Ingredients Database is the only source for definitions of the chemicals used specifically in household and automotive care consumer products. Companies engaged in ingredient communication can use the database to assure maximum transparency for consumers who want to know what ingredients are in the products they buy and use.

Where it serves.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Safer Choice Program, a Standard for Safer Products identifies the database as an appropriate nomenclature system and encourages its use for Safer Choice participants. The database also serves to standardize and define ingredient nomenclature for the new Walmart requirement for ingredient communication announced in 2014.


The only cost-effective technical reference designed specifically to include ingredients used in formulated consumer and institutional products.

All ingredient monographs, records, and definitions are reviewed and approved by a Nomenclature Committee comprised of industry experts.

Vital for product development to identify alternative ingredients based on function, chemical class, current product uses or material sources.

Only source of third-party-reviewed information on the VOC/LVP status of ingredients as defined in California’s Consumer Product VOC Regulations.

Ingredient monographs and records contain references regarding regulatory requirements and standards relating to the ingredient.